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Katerina S, Greece

Looking for a room in Hatfield? Home Herts is definitely the way to go!

I loved that the houses are well maintained, the property manager so easily approached and always ready to solve any issue!


One day my window didn't shut properly and there was a breeze coming in. The next morning 2 people from maintenance came and brought a brand new one! No other agency does that!


In the house I was staying, we had professional cleaners coming once every 2 weeks. You might think that's not a big deal but coming back from a lecture to make dinner in a sparkling clean kitchen is the best feeling!


All the rooms were so beautiful, bright, big and exactly as shown in the pictures!

I would highly recommend renting with this agency since the whole team is amazing and truly devoted to their job!


Now, I've relocated up North and I realise how lucky I was, living on a property managed by Home Herts!

I had a student bedroom for 6 months in Hatfield, the whole house was very clean and had all the necessary furniture. The manager was always there when we had any questions or concerns. Another advantage was the cleaning service which was included in the monthly rent. I recommend 100% their agency! 

Kosoko K, Nigeria

Staying in the Home Herts apartment was a very nice experience...They have very nice and clean apartments. They are very quick to respond to issues regarding the comfort of the tenants. I would recommend anyone looking for an apartment to get one from Home Herts because you will feel 100 percent comfortable and definitely feel at home. The  staff are the best individuals I have met in a long while..I would say a big thank you to them for making me have the best experience and comfort in Hatfield.

One of the best points about the flat provided by Home Herts was that it was newly refurbished and very well presented when we initially went to view the property. Once moved in, there were barely any issues to complain about, the space was very light, well looked after and gladly all the home appliances worked perfectly fine. I would recommend staying with Home Herts, as the tenancy process is quite transparent. Once our tenancy expired, the deposit was quickly refunded too, so no hassle with that.

Kaustubh G, India

Being a student and new in the UK the house on College Lane was my first home here and Home Herts Property Management made sure I felt at home right from the beginning. It was great living there  and everything was in place and it was really comfortable. If you are a student then I would suggest you live here!

My room was spacious with lots of storage space for all of my belongings. I also liked having a separate sink in my room, it was very convenient. Another thing I liked about the room was my big comfy bed. We had a couple of issues with the common areas but they were always quickly resolved. The manager and others were very helpful.

I'd recommend these homes for students like me or any other person who's looking for a simple place that's got everything you'd need.

Auguste P, Lithuania

Lola F, France 

Alex R, UK

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